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Garbage Bay Kingston - part of a global problem

Litter in the ocean

Do you have an idea how much litter is floating around in the world´s oceans? The National Academy of Sciences in the USA estimated in 1997 that around 6,4 million tonnes of litter enter the world´s ocean every year. A terrible high figure. In a new paper published 2015, a team led by Jenna Jambeck, who researches waste management at the University of Georgia in Athens, estimated how much waste coastal countries and territories generate, and how much of that could be plastic that ends up in the ocean. The group reached a figure of 4.8 million to 12.7 million tonnes every year — very roughly equivalent to 500 billion plastic drinks bottles.

My pictures taken in the Kingston Harbour Bay after only one heavy rain shows a line of floating bottles - you get an impression you could walk from the boat to the shore.

Do you have an idea how long mother nature needs to degrade a plastic bottle? Roughly 450 years. A plastic bag around 40 years. And fishing lines will float for 600 years.
One thing is for sure and that is that the littering of the seas will only stop if the entry of waste from land-based sources can be controlled. What we need here in Kingston and in Jamaica is an effective waste avoidance and management plan.

Pictures of garbage in the bay after heavy rainfall in Kingston. Position: Kingston Harbour Bay

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Happy New Year 2017

Dear friends of POMPIDOS,

I like to thank you all very much for the support and the good cooperation in 2016. I´m looking forward to see you soon in 2017. I wish you and your family all the best and a healthy start into a Happy New Year 2017, a lot of success, fun, health and good company.

And may you always find fiar winds and good sailing!

Bye Bye 2016


Das Jahr 2016 endet, wie es angefangen hat: mit heissen Tagen in der Marina und jeder Menge Arbeit auf dem Boot. Und manche der Arbeiten wiederholen sich sogar, what the heck? (siehe und suche unter Centerboard).

Zugegeben, unter der Woche war ich auch segeln, einmal entlang der Bucht auf der Kingston-Seite und dann nach Port Royal und zurück. Es war eigentlich eine schöne Tour, trotz zurückhaltendem Wind und wie das Wort eigentlich ja nahelegt, war es dann doch nicht so rund, wie gedacht.

Erst etwas zum Segeln, dann zur Arbeit.

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POMPIDOS Videoblog: Fishing Tournament 2016 of the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club

One against all -

one sailboat is challenging the motorboat friends

Early days of November 2016 and the Hurricane season is slowly coming to an end. The annual Fishing Tournament of the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club is just around the corner: And **Harry Hirsch**, the german sailing vessel, also nicknamed as „The flying Deutschman“ like to accept the challenge and will compete with 32 motor boaters and their sophisticated equipment for deep sea fishing. Enthusiastic and committed the crew is starting into the two days event.

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Pleiten, Pech und Pannen

Ich hätte es (nicht) wissen können. Aber es gibt sie, diese Tage, wo alles schiefgeht. Am Freitag vor dem Piegon-Island-Wochenende hätte ich das doch glatt bestritten. Es ist wirklich passiert - ich habe an zwei Tagen mehr blöde und unangenehme Zwischenfällen an Bord erlebt als in all den Jahren zuvor.

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